Tara Jones stands at the forefront of the fast growing beauty industry. For over 12 years, Tara has worked closely with experts and brands in the beauty space while embracing the core values of integrity, innovation and enduring results. She is distinguished by her passion for business, her commitment and clarity of vision to carry brands through rapid and continuous growth.

Tara is a powerful business driver whose entrepreneurial instincts help create original founder brands, execute visionary campaigns and develop business strategies.

Tara launched Tigime after noticing challenges businesses were facing in developing long lasting, result-driven brands. Her combined expertise in the financial and beauty industry has helped entrepreneurs push the limits of innovation and helped turn ideas on papers into eye-catching products.

Tara holds a Bachelor’s degree of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from John Molson School of business, Concordia University. 


Aisha is a Brand and Marketing strategist who has worked closely with global beauty brands for the past several years.

In her current position as brand manager, Aisha assists with brand development and managing campaigns with brands where she is the liaison between the client and talents.  Throughout her innovative and unique approach, she ensures proper development, implementation and execution of marketing initiatives and activities for brands.

Aisha’s contagious enthusiasm instills her and her team members with extraordinary energy and dedication in an environment where creativity and innovation are encouraged. She does not just set out ambitious goals, she motivates people to deliver.

Aisha is currently completing a bachelor’s degree of Commerce in Marketing and Business from John Molson School of business, Concordia University.